Our Services


Data Warehousing Services

Business Intelligence and Data Warehousing are closely bound as poor data quality, unreliable data sources, wrong formats can corrupt the insights. Cogent provides BIDWH services like-

  • Business Intelligence Strategy and Roadmap development
  • BI and DW architecture development
  • Data modelling, ETL Design and Database performance optimization
  • Data Integration of disparate data sources and variety of data structures
  • Data Migration planning, implementation and validation.

Performance Dashboard

Our team helps our client develop and implement Performance Dashboard and Scorecards using technologies like Power BI, BusinessObjects, Hadoop etc. Whether the data has to be aggregated from sophisticated databases like Oracle, Microsoft server

or captured from unstructured sources like social media. Cogent BI team has developed web-based Dashboards and Scorecards that can be accessed on native mobile applications too. We are capable of-

  • Rolling disparate data into Dashboards and Scorecards that support KPIs
  • Using data mining technologies for discovering business impacting data correlations, new patterns and trends
  • Providing flexibility of both Predefined and Ad-hoc analytics for under-performing metrics.
  • Drill-down-to-detail ability providing users in-depth investigation of affected KPIs.

Predictive Analytics

Predictive Analytics has been applied to every industry for predicting new product sales, outage management, demand forecasting and now with big data, predictive analytics has become both complex and effective at the same time.

Cogent has been deploying and developing Predictive Analytics Solutions for giants around the globes using Microsoft SSAS (SQL Server Analysis Server) and HDInsight (Hadoop Insight using Microsoft Azure). Our capabilities allow us to deploy industry-centric business intelligence solutions.

  • Microsoft SQL Server Analysis Services (SSAS) comes with out-of-the-box data mining algorithms and predictive models for use with flexibility to integrate custom data mining algorithms. Cogent BI/Data Warehousing team has expertise to understand the client’s business scenarios and deliver right-size solution.
  • HDInsight is deployed on cloud- Microsoft Azure and comes with a flexibility to process all types unstructured, semi-structured or structured data from streaming, sensors, devices or social media.

Program Management

Though we delight in developing long-term relationships with our clients, Cogent Group is also determined to help you operate independently with satisfaction and great success. To that end, we can create or enhance an internal PMO (Program Management Office)

so that you can operate consistently and efficiently through pre-defined standards, customized operational procedures, streamlined processes and well detailed communication and approval work flows.

Whether we build or improve your PMO, the end result is the same. You will have the structure you need to operate consistently, maximize efficiency, forecast and plan your future business needs.